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When washing dishes in your dishwaher, sometimes use white vinegar in the rinse compartment.

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Stain removal tips
  • A handful of washing soda in the washing machine will keep your garments very soft without using expensive softeners.
  • A mixture of milk and spirit can be helpful in removing pen marks from foam leather.
  • To remove grease stains from clothes put some talcum powder over the grease as soon as possible. Keep aside for some time. Wash with shirtsoap and water as usual.
  • Remove ink- stain from a cloth by applying toothpaste on both sides of the cloth. Wash the cloth, once the toothpaste dries out.
  • Oil stain may be removed by rubbing the area with a piece of lime dipped in salt.
  • Washing dirty curtains - soak in plenty of plain water overnight before washing.
  • Ink Stain - Apply toothpaste on both sides of an ink-stain on cloth. Wash it after dry.
  • To remove the stains of citrus fruit juices from the floor, cover the stain with coconut oil and rub well. The stain will vanish in 3 - 4 days.
  • To remove mud stains from clothes, soak and wash them in water collected after boiling potatoes.
  • To avoid stains on plastic kitchen ware - Use baking soda equal to 1 tsp. to a pint of water to remove the stains.



Bulk cheese will keep longer when it's wrapped in a paper towel dampened with vinegar and placed in a sealed plastic bag. Re-moisten the paper towel every few days, as needed.

Never wash an oily pan. Instead sprinkle a little salt on it and keep it on stove till just hot. Then wipe with paper. This will clean the pan.

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